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A Reliable and Agile Sustainability Partner

Making a big difference with one connection

Hana Loop Co., Ltd. is actively contributing to the enhancement of the global environment. We are introducing a digital framework to establish a sustainable ecosystem, offering tailored solutions and incorporating stable carbon-neutral management technologies crucial for industrial and corporate settings. Our focus is on developing digital innovations essential for both the environment and industries, empowering individuals to autonomously contribute to environmental causes and providing access to universal technologies. At Hana Loop, we are at the forefront of pioneering a sustainable net-zero environment. As a digital technology service, Hana Loop benefits both people and nature, creating a significant impact through seamless connections to promote sustainable living for everyone. Hanaloop: Your environmental partner, fostering a healthier planet through digital innovation technology.


Our vision is to embody the principles of 'Hongik Ingan'(To broadly benefit the human world) by facilitating the transition to a clean and sustainable world.


We are fostering a sustainable global environment through the synergistic combination of digital innovation technology and interconnectedness.

Commitment to Our Customers

HanaLoop is committed to supporting our customers in restoring the environment, promoting a healthy planet, and contributing to the prosperity of humanity.

Core Values

  • SYNERGISTIC - Maximize value through collaboration
  • BOLD - Decisive and courageous actions
  • RELIABLE - Trusted to consistently deliver on commitments


We consistently pursue growth to identify challenges, explore solutions, and deliver the most effective results using cutting-edge technologies. Our ambition is to take a leading role in fostering positive and healthy transformations within the society to which we belong.


CEO / co-founder
Korea University Masters, Ewha Univ. Undergrad

Samsung Electronics, Altenia, Arteplus, KOWORC 등. Projects: Voice recognition, Research on Global trends. GHG Management Certificate. LEED Green Associate. NPO organization management. Industry and policy research. Author of AI papers.

CTO / co-founder
Carnegie Mellon University MSEng, Korea Univ. Undergrad

Walt Disney, Pearson, Wayfair, Altenia. Projects: Emart DT, Disney Digital Media Distribution Platform, LG Call-center system, Incheon Airport Integration, Over 20 years in the IT industry, successfully leading teams and organizations to develop large-scale enterprise applications. Author of Security and bioinformatics papers.

General Counsel
Tulane University Law School

Samsung, LG, Microsoft. Legal advisor with experience working in the global IT industry. Proficient in negotiation, dispute resolution, legal documentation and corporate law.

Expert in metal business
Inha Univ., Masters and Undergraduate

KPCM, Dongbu Metal, Samsung Electronics

Environment data analyst / Developer
University of Western Macedonia, Greece

Prior analyst at Aurora Energy Research (Germany), Vertis Environmental Finance (Hungary). Experienced energy economist with a passion for programming.


하나루프 이름의 배경

하나루프 (Hana+Loop)
HanaLoop (Hana+Loop):Since the inception of the universe, the natural environment surrounding us has perpetually cycled and harmonized. However, humanity, arriving late in this extensive history, is endeavoring to disrupt this beautiful and beneficial cycle—the infinite loop of nature—in the pursuit of 'civilization and development.'HanaLoop encapsulates the essence of reviving nature's wise virtuous cycle, beckoning individuals to re-enter the infinite loop and unite harmoniously with nature.
"Hana" signifies:
"United with one" in Korean
"Grace" in French, Jewish, and Christian
"Flower, 花 はな" in Persian and Japanese
"Happiness" in Arabic
"Craft" in Hawaiian
"Give out love" in Maori
"Hope" in Kurdish
서울특별시 강남구 선릉로93길 40, 나라키움 역삼A빌딩 4층
email: | phone: +82 0507-1337-9251