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Access Climate Insights at Your Fingertips

Digital Transformation of Sustainability

Sustainable Digital Transformation
In sync with the swiftly evolving business landscape and market requirements, we harness digital technology to optimize our customers' potential and business value. Going beyond technology, we cultivate a positive corporate culture to enhance customer satisfaction and boost productivity within their organizations.
Comprehensive Sustainability Solution
Through offering guidance on environmental regulations and market insights, our platform facilitates the rapid exploration and transactions of eco-friendly technologies. This, in turn, promotes the establishment of cleaner value chains, assisting our customers in achieving sustainable growth. Ultimately, our contribution aims to foster the evolution of a more responsible and ethical industry.

When data is transparent, strategy becomes evident!

Data integration, and automation
  • Streamline and diminish manual data collection complexities
  • Delivers comprehensive company-wide emissions status and trend analysis
  • Effortlessly adapt to regulatory changes
  • Secure and scalable
Scope 3 management
  • Holistic management of value chain emissions
  • Tailored and relevant reporting solutions
  • Multilingual Support
Affordable for SMEs.
  • Manage emissions without high-cost investments
  • Tailored pricing based on the size and requirements of the company
  • No dedicated personnel required for system management
  • No additional licensing costs
OpenAPI - Platform
  • Streamlined implementation timeframe for innovative solution development
  • Opportunity to forge a novel business model
  • Cultivating a corporate culture focused on greenhouse gas management
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