HanaLoop website 2.0!

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Date : 2022-10-10

Our new Hanaloop.com website version 2.0 is up!

The original website was built on Eleventy which I got fond due to its flexibility. Then I found MDX.

The new website is built on NextJS, which allows MDX + SSG combination.

Our product Hana.eco is also built on Nextjs hence it was a natural choice to use the same tech stack.

In Eleventy, the content of all documents with a tag in its front-matter is available as collections. This is very useful when you want to create an index of the documents. In Nextjs content is not available out of the box. For the purpose, I implemented a tool that generates json files with the content of all *.md.

One feature I haven’t sorted out yet is multi-language support. In Eleventy I simply created directories for each language where the root folder contained a meta file with language-specific properties. In Nextjs, the included i18n feature does not support SSG. The alternative would be to use language-per-folder under the pages scheme which may lead to duplication of many of the boilerplate page files.

Apart from the multi-language limitation, I am highly satisfied with Nextjs, its router convention, typescript support, community and library ecosystem. I am especially delighted with the possibility of mixing Markdown with JSX.


CTO / co-founder